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Fight cancer with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The idea behind using hyberbaric oxygen therapy as an alternative cancer treatment is that cancer (like many other illnesses) exists in a low-oxygen environment; therefore, high levels of oxygen can kill it off.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also reduces inflammation in the body, which is a precursor to cancer.

Currently, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used as a complementary treatment for cancer patients. When used with radiotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy seems to reduce the tissue damage and side-effects of the treatment. Radiotherapy damages surrounding tissues, not just cancer cells. It also damages blood vessels restricting blood flow to tissues and bones. Oxygen therapy can help significantly to heal and repair the blood vessels and restore the blood flow back to the body’s tissue.

The American Cancer Society states “research has shown hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective when used in addition to conventional therapy for the prevention and treatment of bone damage caused by radiation therapy (osteoradionecrosis).” Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works to grow new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and fibroblasts (cells that promote healing by producing collagen) to bring about radiated tissue wound healing.

Some cancer centers use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to improve the uptake of chemotherapy drugs. Meaning the chemotherapy drugs are more effective in reaching the tumors and cancer cells with oxygen therapy. It also has been known to reduce the harsh drug’s side effects.

Studies also show hyperbaric treatments coupled with a Ketogenic Diet can dramatically increase the benefits of the cancer fighting diet.

There is also evidence that hyperbaric therapy may help people with lymphoedema following breast cancer and lymph nodule surgery. Quite simply, oxygen therapy aids healing and patients in research talk of reduced swelling and less pain, with a softening of the damaged tissue.

Overall, increasing blood oxygen levels will help the body heal itself more effectively and be strong to continue to fight the cancer.