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"Martina is great! Fresh Start Hyperbarics runs an excellent customer service program. They are very friendly and informative. Martina made me feel at ease and comfortable when it came to using the Hyperbarics chambers and I have been getting much better sleep and relaxation. As a US Army retired First Sergeant I use Hyperbarics treatments to treat my body for recovery from Grappling training as well as for TBI. Each time I dive I feel sharper and my healing and recovery process is shorter. I recommend this treatment to any vet that has TBI or Anxiety as well as a booster for physical recovery from high intensity physical training. It works for me and the staff and owners are very friendly but I think the best feature is they are less expensive than the other Hyperbarics places in the surrounding areas."
- Pete Grey butterfly

"Fresh Start Hyperbarics is an amazing place to relax and heal your body! Always get lots of TLC and that personal touch that makes you feel so good! I've been recommending it to all my friends and family. Also they have made it affordable to those of us that wouldn't be able to afford such great care otherwise!"
- Chris Robisonbutterfly

"Great new technology that really makes you feel better. Give it a try!"
- Donna Costellobutterfly

"I recommend your service all the time. I love the hyperbaric treatments, the infra red treatments , the oxygen treatments ( new therapy), I think you are a great and healing addition to our community!"
- Bert Magnuson butterfly

"I did not really find any difference in the healing from my knee surgery or general wellness after the treatments."
- Jill Gordon butterfly

"It was relaxing"
- 'wanda Zeman'butterfly