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Infrared heat has the ability to penetrate human tissue

which in turn produces a multitude of anti-aging and cardiovascular health benefIts making the Personal Infrared Sauna a versatile yet economical tool for both the individual and the entire family for natural healing and/or prevention of illness. If you need a starting point for a personal or family wellness program or a center piece for an existing wellness regime, you need the personal infrared sauna.

Why this model?

The benefIts of infrared are numerous and signifIcant and research shows the longer you remain surrounded in infrared the better and more lasting the effects are. Sitting in the Personal Infrared Sauna up to your chest allows your head and heart to be out of the heat so you don't overheat and you can stay in the unit longer to maximize its health benefIts. This revolutionary breakthrough in infrared sauna technology bathes the bottom three quarters of your body in infrared, effectively heating your entire body from head to toe and never exposing your head or heart to extreme heat.


Our bodies are exposed to toxic substances every day in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the household chemicals we use to clean everything from our dishes to our clothing to our hair. Expelling these toxins from our bodies is essential to health. We believe that by slowly raising the body's core temperature, using a moderate sauna temperature (go ℉ -140 ℉), we can more effectively detox the body using the body's own natural fIlters: the lymphatic system, kidneys, and liver. In addition to eliminating toxins through waste, the Personal Infrared Sauna also facilitates detoxifIcation through the skin if you would like to sweat (141 ℉ -170 ℉). You get to choose how you would like to detox.

Effective Weight (Fat) Loss

A study was done comparing the use of the Personal Infrared Sauna with a low calorie diet (15 people) versus the use of a low-calorie diet only (15 people). The group using the Personal Infrared Sauna along with a low calorie diet burned seven times more fat.

Burns 7x more body fat!

Why is infrared right for you?


Feeling like you are coming down with something? The Personal Infrared Sauna can help boost your immune system, and help you prevent or recover from viruses, like the common cold and flu, saving you sick days and keeping you healthy. The Personal Infrared Sauna may also help with a variety of other illnesses, including:
Hypertension | Gastrointestinal Issues | Allergies | Eczema | Chronic Heart Failure | Cellulite | Acne & Blemishes | Depression


The therapeutic benefits of a Personal Infrared Sauna may include healing and pain relief from numerous ailments both acute and chronic, such as:
Fibromyalgia | Muscle Spasms | Poor Circulation | Insomnia | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Back Pain | Menstrual Pain
The infrared heat focuses on your body directly increasing blood flow and removing inflammation from the muscles and joints, relaxing them and providing sustained pain relief, increasing mobility of the ligaments and tendons and helping your body recover from injury and pain in less time.

Relax and enjoy

the glowing warmth of the Personal Infrared Sauna. This economical and space-saving unit is perfect for any home or office. With no special electrical requirements, this unit can be plugged into any standard household outlet.