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Fight cancer with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The idea behind using hyberbaric oxygen therapy as an alternative cancer treatment is that cancer (like many other illnesses) exists in a low-oxygen environment; therefore, high levels of oxygen can kill it off.

Heal diabetic ulcers, burns, and wounds that won’t heal and radiation damage.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was originally designed to treat wounds in the body—especially wounds that won’t heal. Studies show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy speeds the healing process. Wounds heal three times faster with hyperbaric oxygen therapy than the normal healing process alone. People with chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers or venous leg wounds and wounds or infections that are slow to heal can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy aids in the natural healing process by increasing blood flow carrying more oxygen to the tissues and stimulating small blood vessel growth, promotes new skin growth and helps to fight infection. It essentially heals the wound from the inside out.

Diabetic patients use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat diabetic foot ulcers. The studies show hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly reduced the risk of major amputation and improved the chance of healing at one year.